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No longer dead and buried.

(Pardon the really rubbish pun) Burial is back today annoucing the release of ‘Street Halo’ on the Hyperdub label. This is the first release in 4 years for the previously unknown producer William Bevan and the buzz is already building on Twitter. Get your copy on 12″ HERE Much love DRM HQ x

Radiohead – Lotus Flower.

What better way to start a Friday morning than with the amazing Radiohead releasing their new video for the single ‘Lotus Flower’. Thom Yorke dons (once again) his scratchy jolted dancing like a modern day Fagan straight from Oliver Twist, our verdict… …LOST FOR WORDS. Much Love, DRM HQ x

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Dancing Robot Music Remix)

Evening, Unless you live under a rock I am guessing you are familiar with Ellie Goulding, Brit Award Critics Choice and BBC Sound of 2010 poll winner, her album ‘Lights’ was number 1 in the UK and she covered Elton John. The ever talented Goulding is releasing her single ‘Lights’ in the near future and […]