Calapez – Pan Ep

It would seem that Lisbon born producer Calapez is quite opinionated when it comes to electronic music. His RA page reads ‘He’ll play the music he wants to play and nothing else. Why should it be any different?’ His track Loop talks about slapping people for listening to shitty House music. Luckily he has the skill to back up his self assured manner.

The ‘Pan EP’ is the follow up to last year’s ‘Uncharted Waters’ which was also released on FiligranFrom the opening track ‘Pan’, Calapez lays his cards on the table. The track builds in an emotionally distant way, drawing you in with percussion and beats that demand you to nod your head. As the song progresses an ominous synth lead kicks in that radically changes the song. There seems to a simplicity to the track but actually it is a masterclass in orchestrating complex production to work in harmony.

‘Loop’ is a diatribe against the poor quality House music. A highly modulated voice talks over the track, discussing the virtues -or lack there of- in the current crop of the over saturated House market.  The undulating synth with a foundation of a solid bass make this an airy number but perfect for those real late dance floor denizens.


With ‘Red and Who’ and ‘Repeat After Me’ clocking in at around 16 minutes between them you could be forgiven for expecting a bit of filler on the B-Sides. You could be forgiven but you would be wrong. ‘Repeat After Me’ is like a ten minute mixtape in itself. It covers so many different bases. Going from stripped back techno sounds to a more dense house influenced vibe while retaining the core of the song. At no point does it sound like a messy off the wall experiment, the 587 seconds seem to glide by.

All in all this a great release from Calapez. If you want something that will keep your party going and make people feel slightly unsettled, this is it.

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