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Porter Robinson stands up for Modek.

Now the world of Youtube comments is a dark place. Mainly filled with inexplicably racist remarks, bizzarre comments about having sex with something or a tired religious debate; Youtube comments should usually be avoided unless you like to laugh or have a heart full of hate.   This story from the darkside (or Youtube comments) is a […]

Unsigned: 2D Noize – Triplette

2D Noize are are an Italian duo that have performed along side some impressive talent. (See their Soundcloud.) They are currently unsigned but with the sort if tight production featured on this electro thumper I can’t imagine they will stay that way for long. Check out Triplette below and keep an eye out for their upcoming […]

Free music: S-File – Remote Control Mix

The always dependable S-File has released a mix in support of his EP Remote Control that will be released January the 18th on Beatport.