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Friday the 13th at The Supper Club with What Happens Next?

I’m not a superstitious man. Well I have one superstition. Friday the 13th hates me. I’ve been hit by a car, had my record bag stolen and lost my passport all because of this horrible union of numeral and weekday.   So this year I plan on playing it safe and to be honest there […]

We ask Joe and Will Ask.

That’s right. How good does the new page look? Admit it, you would give your left lung to be a bit of HTML code on this page. To kick off the new look site I thought I would do something special for you all. I know what your thinking, “You do too much for us […]

Halloween Carnival.

Hello Boys and Ghouls. Yeah I said it and I stand by it. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. You may be thinking “Ain’t this a bitch?” But fear not! A wonderful thing has happened! A group of lovely people have put together a Friday night full of DJs, dancing and probably some other […]