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KNOX’s Here EP arrives carried on the breath of layered vocals, reversed attack and scattered beats.  Lead song Here swirls with half caught melodies as the brother sister duo draw the listener in with jilted rhythms and swelling synths.  They combine all these elements into a wind that builds towards a storm of whispers.  Over […]

New Music: Beaumont – Never Love Me

I’m not going to attempt to review this new EP from Beaumont properly. I can’t. I like it far too much. I can only really describe what it makes me think of when I listen to it, and I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop since it was sent to me. It’s like emerging […]

Deadmau5 takes aim at Madonna and MDNA

An unlikely music beef has arisen between Deadmau5 and Madonna. Madonna’s latest album is awful. The gap-toothed walking embarrassment han’t been relevant to music culture in years, she has merely allied herself to younger stars and shook her horrible body in a way unbecoming of anyone her age. Call me ageist but I don’t want to see […]