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Preview: Credit 00 – Party Beats

Apparently Credit 00 made the four tracks of ‘Party Beats’ specifically to throw into his live set. He had no plans to ever release them but it seems that the ‘Party Beats‘ were to good to keep to for the ears of those lucky enough to see Credit 00 live. So consider yourself lucky and cop a load of […]

Preview:schNee – Lumi – turnbeutel #27

Out today on turnbeutel ‘schNee’ by Lumi.  Pick it up on Beatport. More info: turnbeutel Facebook turnbeutel Soundcloud

Preview: &ME – After Dark

We try to shy away from hyperbole here at Dancing Robot Music. However, stop what you’re doing. (Unless what you’re doing is reading this. If that is what you’re doing, read harder.) This is the most important thing you will read in your life,  well for the next few minutes. Listen to these tracks from […]