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Preview: Oliver Schories – Fields without Fences

Oliver Schories 2013 album ‘Exit‘ was a masterwork. It was tonally spot on. It had song like the title track ‘Exit‘ that were absolute club bangers that were patchworked with almost ambient work with the skill of a expert tailor. Here at DRM we are pant exploding excited that the follow up to ‘Exit‘ will […]

Preview: Astro Zu & Beau Young Prince – Paranoid

Some time ago, we predicted that Astro Zu was going to be making Game Of Thrones style power moves in the future. (No, not murdering people at weddings.) It would seem that the future is now. Which as this the future of the past, it sort of makes sense. Albeit not really in the present […]

Preview: Vermont – The Other Versions EP

Vermont‘s album ‘Vermont’ was one of the highlights of 2014. A dream like journey of dream like dance that was almost too spaced out to dance to. Almost.   Well check out this new EP that takes a new look at some of the Tracks from Vermont’s eponymous album. DJ Tennis and Mano Le Tough are a […]