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Review: JOY! – Kujira EP

Boxon Records’ name may not be instantly recognizable but they have been putting out some solid releases since their creation in 2007 at the hands of Julien Minet. They’ve put out releases from the like of John Lord Fonda, Sovnger, Les Petits Pilous, Blatta & Inesha and many more. One of their latest offering is from Joy!  […]

Album review: Tulioxi – The Last Man In Florence

Tulioxi is the pseudonym of Mattia Tuliozi. A producer from Florence, Tulioxi has worked under a number of aliases and released projects on a number of labels. He now runs the record label Cosmic Sumo, which is the label that The Last Man In Florence is released through.   The Last Man In Florence is a full length album that takes […]

Review: The Suicide of Western Culture – Hope Only Brings Pain

Artist: The Suicide Of Western Culture Title: Hope Only Brings Pain Release Date: March 14, 2013   One would be forgiven for thinking that Hope Only Brings Pain by The Suicide of Western Culture might be a tad depressing or a particularly screamy release from a Black Metal band. Hope is actually the second album from a critically lauded Spanish electronic duo.  Hope Only Brings Pain is […]