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Review: Scherbe Jardin Du Midi EP

Jardin Du Midi is the debut release of Scherbe on Uncanny Valley. If you are not a fan of percussion and deep, smooth bass or dark strings maybe steer clear of this one. If that sound like your sort of thing get involved with Scherbe as soon as possible. College drop Out was one of those songs that caught […]


KNOX’s Here EP arrives carried on the breath of layered vocals, reversed attack and scattered beats.  Lead song Here swirls with half caught melodies as the brother sister duo draw the listener in with jilted rhythms and swelling synths.  They combine all these elements into a wind that builds towards a storm of whispers.  Over […]

New Music: Monomood – Shtum 001

The people over at Uncanny Valley have decided to set up a sub-label called. I’m not sure exactly why they have done this but I have a suspicion that it’s because they’ve got too many good tunes for one label to deal with.   Shtum has apparently been set up for “proper techno and raw […]