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Videodrome: Pressure M8s – Real World

Looking for some haunting electronica with some good cinematography to support it? We present to you ‘Real World’ by Pressure M8s. Which, we are hoping is the plural of M8s not old skool text slang.   More info:

Videodrome: Terranova – Tell Me Why feat. Stereo MCs (official video)

With the new Terranova album out today, it’s time to celebrate. ‘Restless‘ is the follow up to 2012 ‘Hotel Amour‘ which was also released on Kompakt Records.   So how should you celebrate? By watching the video for new track ‘Tell Me Why‘ of course. Marvel at how the guy from Stereo MCs hasn’t aged. He’s […]

Videodrome: Dems – Never Have Never Will

We’ve been yammering on about Dems for years now; always putting their small catalogue of tracks on at gatherings and telling people to watch out for them. With good reason, their music is incredible. They could be terrible people but we’d forgive them Ezra Pound style because they make beautiful brittle celestial music that is reminiscent of the […]