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Videodrome: Editions Haighton – ITALIA ’83 [EH001]

First release in the Editions Haighton line, ‘ITALIA ’83’.

Videodrome: SomaTV #07: Perc

Do you like Techno? We assume you do or we assume you have got lost on the internet. Don’t worry, if you have. This video also has sweaty men dancing erratically. We would ask if you like sweaty men dancing but we’re not sure we want to know. Check out this edition of ‘Soma TV’ […]

Videodrome: N.A.S.A. – I Shot The Sheriff (feat. Karen O)

This will most likely attract a lot of hate due to a rather famous rendition by a certain Mr Marley (Bob). We love Karen O around here so we’re fine with it.