Daft Punk being a punked by Disney? Tron:Legacy Reconfigured

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Regular readers will probably remember my rants about the Tron:Legacy Soundtrack (For Soundtrack read score.)


I loved the Daft Punk score. It was fantastic as a stand alone recording; featuring imposing soundscapes, tracks you could dance to and a mind blowing blend of electronic sounds and a 100 piece orchestra.


Then I heard about Tron:Legacy Reconfigured.


The first track from it I heard was the Boys Noize Remix, so obviously I was pleased and looking forward the forthcoming album. However a certain Mr Pedro Winter made me a little worried, when he said that Daft Punk weren’t involved with the project and the list of remixers looked like a missed opportunity. Now one would assume that Mr Winter, AKA Busy P of Ed Banger Records, would know what he’s talking about since he used to manage Daft Punk and all.


Daft Punk- End of the Line (Boys Noize Remix)


Busy P  then went on to clarify his comments by saying “Yes, Boys NoizeThe Glitch MobM83 and Photek did a pretty good job, you see, I’m  positive! Not sure I want to speak about the others, I quit doing reviews for Busy Pitchfork long time ago.”


Busy P’s comments were just that, just his opinions and comments on the subject. I don’t think he meant to insult any of the other artists or mean to cause a stir but just thought it could have been a better album. He went on to suggest a list of people he would have liked to see involved.

Busy P’s List:


Dam Funk
DMX Krew
Etienne Jaumet
Hudson Mohawke
Jeff Mills
Marc Houle
Para One
Ritchie Hawtin


I personally would have absolutely loved to have seen Hudson Mohawke, Kavinsky and Gesaffelstein remix some of the tracks. I do agree with Pedro some of the remixers drafted in seem a bit strange, but I thought the same thing about some of the other Daft Punk Remix albums and they’re all mostly good.


Anyway head over to TRON SOUNDTRACK to have a preview of it and maybe even buy it.


Look after yourself people.


Joey Godmao for Dancing Robot Music


Lastly, I know they’re only words but we’re thinking about you Japan.