Deadmau5 takes aim at Madonna and MDNA

An unlikely music beef has arisen between Deadmau5 and Madonna.

Madonna’s latest album is awful. The gap-toothed walking embarrassment han’t been relevant to music culture in years, she has merely allied herself to younger stars and shook her horrible body in a way unbecoming of anyone her age. Call me ageist but I don’t want to see what is essentially a pensioner shaking their flaps at the camera wearing clothes that Rihanna would think twice about wearing. I would like to point out that this is not because she is a woman, I also protest Bono’s deflated beach ball of an arse being on display in those ludicrous leather trousers.


Anyway on to Deadmau5’s problems with Madogga. The Mau5 took offence to Madonna’s appearance at the Ultra Music Festival down in Miami. Like some horrendous parent trying to be cool, Madogga appeared with Avicii and apparently asked the crowd if they had seen Molly. Molly is the US equivalent of Mandy AKA MDMA.  You can read Mr Joel Mau5’s full response to the issue HERE! He makes some very good points about the idiocy of trying to endear yourself to a dance music crowd  by basically saying: “I’m like you and cool because I take drugs”.


I never thought I’d end up supporting Guy Ritchie after he made Revolver but can we please maroon Madogga on an island entirely populated by  rabid monkeys please. Also W.E was bollocks, stop ruining films and music.