DJ Mehdi Tributes.

Hi guys,


By now I’m sure you all know of the tragedy that took away DJ Mehdi. Today’s post isn’t to dwell on the fact that Mehdi was taken away from us but to showcase how much he meant to so many people. If you had the pleasure of seeing him DJ  you would agree the scene has lost one of it’s greats. And if you had the pleasure of meeting (which I did very briefly in London a few years ago) you’ll no doubt know he was a incredibly friendly and happy person. What I’m doing today is just bringing together some of the tribute songs and mixes made to celebrate Mehdi’s life. It’s not a complete list but let’s go.


First up is the mighty Feadz putting together an eclectic mix to pay tribute to his label mate.
FEADZ tribute mix to DJ MEHDI by edbangerrecords


Aeroplane made this fantastic song called Big Boys Don’t Cry for Mehdi.


Dam Funk made this laid back ethereal tribute.


Bashir and SLurg made this mix of Mehdi to showcase his Hip Hop roots and his importance across genres in France.



FutureCop made this mix in his memory.
Futurecop! – Tribute to DJ Mehdi Mix (Thanks for the Memories) by Futurecop!

This is by no means a complete list. The amount of tribute mixes, songs and videos is a testament to how many people that Mehdi touch around the world.