Foxy Digitalis 2012 preview podcast

We thought we had to share this one with you.


Digitalis Recordings of Foxy Digitalis fame have put together of a podcast preview of upcoming releases for 2012.

It’s a mostly laid back affair, with tracks reminiscent of Vangellis (Blade Runner Soundtrack) and some Kraftwerkian sounds mixed with some more off the wall stuff. I had never heard of any of these artists before this podcast but I’m keeping an eye out for most of them (Possibly all of them) from now on.


Head HERE to check it out.

Track list:

1. Discoverer “Circular Motherboard” (from Tunnels LP)
2. Perispirit “Attn: Deficit Order (Part 2)” (from Spiritual Church Movement LP)
3. Nova Scotian Arms “Citadel” (from Cult Spectrum LP)
4. Panabrite “Beta Axis Terminal” (from Soft Terminal LP)
5. Paco Sala as-yet-untilted (from forthcoming LP)
6. Jean Piché “La Mer A L’Aube” (from Heliograms LP)
7. Jerry Paper “I’m a Body” (from Vol. 1 cassette)
8. Mass Ornament “My Child, Burden” (from TBA)
9. Decimus “Side A excerpt” (from 11 LP)
10. Ricardo Donoso “Equivalence of the Thirteen” (from forthcoming 2LP)
11. The Slaves “River” (from Spirits of the Sun LP)
12. FRAK “As You May” (from Muzika Electronic LP)