From the Frozen North (of London)

Hello internetters.

For those of you from England I hope the snow and lack of future World Cups aren’t getting you down. For our brothers and sisters in foreign lands I hope the weather is treating you better.

I’m still awaiting the green light to give you lovely lot some fantastic news about Dancing Robot Music. But for now let me warm those frozen toes with some tunes that will ensure your feet will be ablaze due to all the dancing you will be doing.

I’m sure most of you will have heard the first track this week but for those of you out in the cold (sorry for abysmal joke), check out the collaboration between Crystal Castles and Robert Smith HERE. The second Crystal Casltles album is sublime by the way. If you have not heard it, I suggest you do. Now. Go on.

I have the pleasure of directing you to not one but two new mix tapes this week. URB x Fabric here. Last but not least the lovable Mumdance. Some may say that second is harldy last but in this context it is, alright?

Also this week it’s the Record Makers 10th Anniversary, well roughly this week. This label is perhaps best known as the home of Dancing Robot Music favourite, Kavinsky. To celebrate the big 1-0 they have put out a compilation album featuring the labels best and brightest. It’s out now on Itunes.

Well a short but sweet post for you. But a bit of insider info; Keep the 11th of December free if you’ll be  in London and keep checking our Facebook page for exciting news coming soon.

Hugs and kisses.

Joey Godmao for Dancing Robot Music