Happy (Sort of) New Year.

Students are very much like the Queen (of England) in many respects. They do very little but turn up to parties and ask “And what do you do?” Albeit that question has very different connotations when asked at the Queen’s Garden Party when compared to a mash up student squat party. Another way in which Queeny and students are akin to one another is there incomparable ability to celebrate the same event twice a year. Whereas good old Lizzy (Queen) has two birthdays, students get a slightly more understandable two chances to go fecking crazy in honour of a new year starting.

Oh those were the days! When I was a student, not the Queen.

The automatons at Dancing Robot Music got a bit jealous of this double party business, so we decided to join forces with our mates over at Eastpak and throw the maddest (Student) New Year party possible.

So first we have the boy Doorly; You may know him from his Ibiza Rocks residency, or his Radio 1 essential mix or his magnificent remix work or… well I could go on but his work more than speaks for itself.

With the release of the nuclear bass bomb that was ‘Breathless‘ EP on Southern Fried Records, A1 Bassline proved he has what it takes to become a household name. This robot speaks from personal experience when I say he makes the dance floor go “special” with his sets.

Tom Staar is making time in his busy schedule as a Space Pioneer to come play some shiz for us. His ‘Two Tone Simms‘ is a mixtape favorite and favorite of mine.

Leatherhead is another favorite at the Dancing Robot Music office right now. They make the sort of music you that will have you dancing without your knowledge. Like on the tube home last night you fuckers. Check out the infectious electro and lively set tonight.

Joachim has got what it takes to make it, the BBC agree as the awarded him the BBC New Talent Songwriter award. We’re sure you will agree with us after you hear his catchy hooks and wonky bassline.

And last but not yeast, in fact they bear no relation to biological substance, The Dancing Robot Music DJs.(Sorry for the awful and bizarre pun)  If you haven’t seen our boys in action yet, you’ll learn to agree; That they don’t have electronic music in the there blood, they simply have electricity flowing through them. With a first class knowledge of what makes you move your feet and a huge stage presence, the Dancing Robot Music DJs turn any night into a big deal.

With all this it would be understandable if the Queen started celebrating New Year twice. In fact I heard she might turn up and show people how it’s done.