Live Nation to cut the wire on Hyde Park shows

Daft Punk blasting out at Wireless 2007

Live Nation has decided to cease holding concerts in Hype Park after almost a decade, ending a series of summer events including Wireless, Hard Rock Calling and Live 8.

After a summer plagued by disgruntled audiences who complained of early curfews and excessive noise restrictions Live Nation has concluded that the situation is untenable, The Guardian reports.

The Bruce Springsteen concert in July this year was the clearest sign that the events company had come to an impasse with the Royal Parks agency, the body within the Department of Culture who control the use of the park.  Springsteen had his microphone turned off halfway through his encore, leaving the singer playing a song to an unhearing crowd.  Although he had exceeded curfew it could have been handled with greater tact and cast a shadow over the event as a whole.

Later in the summer Blur played to a crowd underwhelmed by the noise controls put in place to appease local residents who complained of weekends ruined by Rihanna’s bass lines and Daft Punk’s beats during previous summers.  There were complaints that the music was too quiet to reach all the gathered 60,000 people at sufficient volumes.

Rather than continue to erode the live experience, Live Nation have decided that they cannot operate under such restrictions.

It remains to be seen what alternatives Live Nation have for their 2013 festival programme.