New Daft Punk or The New Daft Punk? No, but F@*$ me it’s good!: The Third Twin

To follow up my rant about bad reviews for the Tron:Legacy Soundtrack (bad as in badly formulated),  here is a look at The Third Twin.

Some of you may know about this already but The Third Twin are currently an area of much contention.

Firstly let’s give this some context.

Before ‘Human After All’ by Daft Punk came out in 2005 it was leaked onto the internet, which caused much consternation and conjecture. People were kind of unsure whether this was actually Daft Punk’s next album. A sizeable amount of people were not happy with what they heard and it was probably wishful thinking when they claimed that the leaked music wasn’t Daft Punk. There were equal amounts of people on each side saying it was and was not. However, when “Human After All” dropped it turned out it was their handy work. Some were happy, some were disappointed. Then Alive 2007 happened and those that had been disappointed felt foolish. It was made to be played live.

Fast forward a few years and Daft Punk had been confirmed as making the soundtrack for the upcoming Tron sequel. The world went insane. The rumour mill  was spinning like Johnny Cash in his grave when the lead singer of Maroon 5 was in his first video after he died. Sorry, I hate Maroon 5 down to a mitochondrial level. Anyway back to the task at hand. A few tracks began to surface on the internet that purported to be Daft Punk. They were good. Really good. It was easily believable that this may be the next album, but then “Derezzed” came out and put paid to these rumours. It was clear that these supposed leaked songs had not been made by Daft Punk when the actual soundtrack was leaked onto the internet.

But then who made those other tracks?

Apparently Third Twin did. The tracks that had originally claimed Daft Punk as the artist were quickly changed so that The Third Twin was the artist.  Who are they? Where did they come from? A number of other sentences beginning with a W and ending with ? lay unanswered.  But there is a lot of speculation that they/he/her/it are/is Daft Punk.  Whatever the answer is, I f*cking love the music. While I can see where people have drawn parallels between the two groups ,I believe this to be more a testament to the influence that Daft Punk have. It shares the same light airy synths and autotune heavy vocals of 1997’s “Discovery” But most pop music for the last five years has shared one if not both of these features with Daft Punk’s most revered  album. It has as many differences as it does similarities and even has some elements that I really can’t see Daft Punk using –  most notably on the track “Chicago Soul”.

It seems to me that this is probably some of the best viral marketing we have seen for some time. The people behind The Third Twin knew every one was awaiting a new Daft Punk album, and they used this to their full advantage. By tagging the artist as Daft Punk on their songs they managed to ride on Daft Punk’s coat tails, and who better to use than the biggest act in Dance music. Daft Punk are so popular they were voted the 44Th best DJs of 2010 despite not having Deejayed since 2007. While the music stands up on its own it does make one question if The Third Twin would have created the same amount of buzz without the influence of Daft Punk

Check out Third Twin’s music and let us know what you think.

Could the title be a clue though? The Third Twin is a sci-fi thriller novel that may or may not hold some clues.

Happy Friday.

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