New Music: Les Petits Pilous X Bad Life EP

Les Petits Pilous,  are probably best known for their collaborations with Boys Noize Records which has seen them included on compilations like Miami Noize Volume 1.


But this time the french duo have decided to take their talents over to London and release a three track EP on the soon to be legendary Bad Life Records. The EP features three new tracks from Les Petits Pilous and features a little bit of help from Rynecologist. Calculator is a pure electro track through and through and excellent reminder of how good electro can be when it’s done properly. Earl Grey has a very saturated synthy sound and is bit more on the electro-tech end of the spectrum. Analphabet is our favourite track on the EP, it’s a slice of high energy, no nonsense, dance floor filling Electro House. It’s got an Old School twist  with that 90s style vocal sample and loose snares. Top notch Track.


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