New Music: Ramon Tapia – Trolley/The Ride

I have to admit I had never really listened to Ramon Tapia  before I got the pre-release of Trolley/The Ride.  I had heard/read the name about but had never bothered to check out his music. Silly me. Leave it to the legendary Skint Records to open my eyes to a talent that I had stupidly overlooked for too long.

Enough of my foolishness. The two track single/EP is an amazing mix of Latin rhythm and the pin point precision of Tech-House. Ramon Tapia’s mixed Chilean and Dutch heritage may go some way to explain this great union of different sounds. Both the Trolley and The Ride feature percussion and mid range sounds that one would expect from latin inflected house. That upbeat, force you on the dance floor kind of sounds. This latin sound is tempered by a Tech-House precision architecture of builds and small drops. This is so far away from that cheesey, over the top ‘latin-influenced’ house which sounds like a cheap keyboard stuck on demo-mode with some trumpets thrown on top. This is more like the barrio just set up shop in Berghain.


Highly Recommended.


Give the tracks a listen for yourself here:



Release date- April 23rd 2012 Skint243

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