New Music: Scuba – The Hope and PERSONALITY

2011 pretty much belonged to a select few people and labels. Scuba was one of those people and Hot Flush was one of those labels.

Scuba released The Hope earlier this week as the first single from his upcoming album PERSONALITY. The single is comprised of The Hope and non-album track Flash Addict.

The Hope is a dense heavy track with an agressive drum pattern underpinning some serious bass. The spoken word vocal samples provided a thread to weave the song together and it works damn well. Flash Addict brings a more upbeat feeling to the table. With a relentless 4 to the floor beat carrying a great hook the song comes in waves as different effects and emphasises fluctuate through out the song.


Looks like 2012 may be another year dominated by Scuba and Hotflush.

Buy it HERE.