News: Justin Bieber storms DJ booth, Deadmau5 weighs in

Ah, Justin Bieber. We get it. You think you’re hard. Canadian tween sex music goblin Justin Bieber has reportedly stormed a DJ booth in Korea and demanded that Hip Hop be played. TMZ (that noble font of news) reports Michael Woods was behind the decks at a Korean nightclub when Bieber pushed his way into the booth and was promptly told to “Fuck off and put some clothes on.” We must assume that Bieber’s mother was not on hand to dress him that morning because he seemed to bereft of a t-shirt for some reason.


Fellow Canadian and mouse death enthusiast Deadmau5 decided to get involved on Twitter.

DeadMau5 Twitter


DeadMau5 Twitter

Trying to out do One Direction fans as the world’s most insane followers ‘The Beliebers’ lost their collective faeces and blasted the big room beat smith with a barrage of tweets. We will not reprint them here because they are fucking boring.


We don’t care either way about Bieber’s music but is he trying to get stabbed in the face?