Music: KC Lights No No No (KC Lights Dark Mix)

Have a little look down the page for a preview of ‘No No No‘ by on the rise Scottish producers KC Lights. This ones going to big. While some would have a hard time calling this Deep House, this looks like it could be huge in the sub-genre that is known in the mainstream as Deep House. Out now on Herve’s Cheap Thrills label ‘No No No‘ is getting some serious airplay on Radio 1. However, it looks like KC Lights  ‘Dark Mix’ may be the one that sees the light of day more than the original. Well, the dark of the dance floor.


Free Music: S – File June 2015 Mix

Once again, S – File is back to show most DJs they need to step their game up. Free download below.


01. Adryiano – Down South (Soul Notes)
02. A Scott & Chad – Mrs J (Constant Remix) (Constant Sound)
03. Truncate – Mira Mar (Grindvik and Zahn Remix) (Truncate)
04. Benway – Just1 (GND Records)
05. Patrick Bolton – Elusive (Sonntag Morgen)
06. Onno – Come on (Truesoul)
07. Developer – Power Dynamics (Modularz)
08. J. Tijn – Pick your Battles (Naked Naked)
09. Jonas Kopp – CE-5 (Ear to Ground)
10. Dave Tarrida – Grief (Autofake)
11. Callum Plant – Synonym (Re:Axis Remix) (Ill Bomb)
12. Mark Broom – Involver (Beardman)
13. Laurent Garnier – Boom (Traumer Remix) (Fnac)
14. S-File – Bleaching (GND Records)
15. NoizyKnobs – Wood (GND Records)
16. Traumer – Chord SC (Skryptom)
17. Cochise – Radon (Electric Rescue V2 Remix) (GND Records)
18. D Leria – Lost in Memories (Android Muzique)
19. Ben Sims – Move That Thang (Karvalok)
20. Maxime Dangles – Ventricule (Skryptom)
21. QX1 – Wild Child (Rhythm Beat) (1991)
22. Trevino – Eclipse (Klockworks)

Preview: Credit 00 – Party Beats

Apparently Credit 00 made the four tracks of ‘Party Beats’ specifically to throw into his live set. He had no plans to ever release them but it seems that the ‘Party Beats‘ were to good to keep to for the ears of those lucky enough to see Credit 00 live. So consider yourself lucky and cop a load of this.

While we’re happy Uncanny Valley are bringing these tunes to the wider world, we do love the idea that people in the club would be able to have a completely unique experience by hearing ‘club exclusive tracks’. If you know of any other producers or DJs doing this let us know over at @FollowDrm on Twitter.

You can pick it up on Uncanny Valley Records now. Click here to do so.