Preview: Justice – Access All Arenas

Understandably with Daft Punk‘s big news, the announcement that Justice were releasing a new album sort of got lost in the ether. In all fairness it is a a live album recorded live at Les Arènes de Nimes last summer so not quite as pant exploding exciting but still something to look forward to. Access All Arenas (ah ha!) will be comprised of 14 tracks from their first two albums: Cross and the other slightly forgettable one.


Preview On ‘n On  here!



More info:

Release Date: According to iTunes it’s out on 5 May 2013


1. Genesis

2. Helix

3. Phantom

4. Civilization

5. Canon

6. D.A.N.C.E.

7. Horsepower

8. New Lands

9. Stress

10. Waters of Nazareth

11. Audio, Video, Disco

12. Encore

13. On’n’On

14. Phantom Pt. II