Preview: shtum 004 – Leibniz

shtum (sic) can be relied upon to put out House that is a little outside of normal but no less lovely.


With their fourth release, shtum bring you Leibniz’s second release. ‘shtum 004’ is a developed sound that one wouldn’t expect from a sophomore release. ‘Feil‘ features saturated percussion and droning keys that are the perfect for perambulations in the dark by yourself. Then, the stepping rhythms of ‘Puk Puk Puk’ with it’s washed out synth and loose hit hats, serves as the stepping stop from solo to dancefloor music. While ‘Stumm’ has the gait of a crowd pleaser but keeps its sound true to the bleached, cracked sound of this release.

More Info:

Release date: June 27th 2014 (Vinyl) / June 30th 2014 (Digital)