Rant: Are they trying to kill Dance music?

We try not to be too negative over here at DRM. However, every so often something comes along that is so devoid of merit that it feels like an assault on Dance Music. Porn Star turned shit singer Lupe Fuentes is to blame for the latest attack on decent music.


The Ex Girlfriends are a Dance-Pop band that is based on the idea that they like to party and have awful personalities. Apparently Lupe wanted to make the switch from swallowing cocks for cash to jump on the EDM band wagon. (On a side note; the term EDM can fuck right off. We got on for years calling it Dance Music, we don’t need that sort of E in Dance Music. Just because MTV couldn’t understand what Dance Music was. Apologies for the rant.) Now this song won’t be big and some may argue that it’s not as offensive as the audio abominations of Will.I.Am. Yet it is indicative of the crass commercialisation of a genre. Something being commercially successful does in no way mean that something does not have value artistically, the problem is when you get people making a certain style of music to try and earn a fast buck. Lupe is not the first person to this of course, Kiss made a fucking disco track, but I fear that this sort of aural faeces will put people of listening to electronic music on the whole. Or worse still try and emulate this satchel of cocks.




Rant over. Hit the drop to listen to it.


Ps. Danny Trejo, you should be ashamed of yourself.