Review: Jimmy Edgar – This One’s For The Children (Hotflush Records)

Jimmy Edgar has always had a pretty funked up Electro-Funk sound and though This One’s For The Children is a bit less “funky” than his previous efforts, the funk is definitely still present. I’ve never used funk so many times in a sentence but when you listen to Jimmy Edgar  you see that it’s justified.

This One’s For The Children is a three track EP: This Is For The Children, Switch Switch and an instrumental version of the title track. The first thing that might put people off the lead track is the Prince impression that Jimmy Edgar does towards the end of the song. If one isn’t a fan of nonsensical declarations done in the style of the Purple Ponce (AKA Prince) this will really put you off, hence the inclusion of the instrumental version to keep everyone happy. However the track comes off as slightly bland without the vocals so it may be best to avoid this if vocals over tracks isn’t your thing.

Switch Switch is a nice bouncy track that sounds like a mix of Hot Chip and the soundtrack to Street Fighter 2. It’s a busy track with synth stuttering away over a jittering collection of toms and snares. it’s a solid track but maybe best for background music.


Overall it’s a pretty good release from Jimmy Edgar but it’s idiosyncrasies will put some people off  and it lacks a certain spark. I really like it but it’s not for everyone. This One’s For The Children will be available on Hotflush from 26th March 2012 on 12” vinyl and digital formats.