Review: Various Artists – 20 Jahre Kompakt Kollektion 2

To celebrate 20 years of existence Kompakt have put together a number of ‘Kollektions’ that bring together selected tracks from their past two decades. Although, to be fair, some of this time was spent as just a record store. As they started putting out records Kompakt soon became one of the world’s most prominent Techno record labels going on to release 500 publications.


As the follow up to March’s ‘Kollecktion 1‘, this double album follows the same theme as its predecessor,  collecting some of the finest  Dance music from Kompkat and therefore the world and slapping it on two CDs -or digital space. While the name  Kompakt may not quite have the same gravitas as it once did, this has not diminished the importance of the label or how good the music they release is.


‘Kollektion 2’ showcases the melodic, smoother end of the Techno/House genres. This is Dance music that can is just as happy on the speakers in the office, at home or on the floor. ‘Terranova‘ by Question Mark and Thomas Hoffding is a beautifully crafted track that should be used by as any aspiring producers as a ‘How to Use Vocals in Dance Music’; Hoffding‘s perfectly smooth but not overwrought voice works flawlessly with the tempered and delicate beats.


Shumi‘s wondering and hypnotic ‘The Wind and The Sea‘ is another standout track that is emblematic of the Kompakt sound. Precision crafted synths laid over waves of bass that are meant to complement the tune rather than drive it. It’s not exactly the sort of song that would have the dancefloor on fire but perfect for people that like Dance music for more than just dancing or those that prefer melody to bass.

There are some ‘dirty’ tracks like Ferenc‘s ‘Yes, Sir, I Can Hardcore’ and Perc & Fractal‘s ‘UP’ but the main theme of the ‘Kollektion 2’ is melodic Techno/House that you may not find in the main room and is perfect for those of you that love to listen to Dance music outside of the club. That said, of course there are some certified floor fillers like ‘Take That’ by Jürgen Paape. Whatever takes your fancy most likely you’ll find something you want and ‘Kollektion 2’ is a perfect way to get to know the back catalogue of a truly important record label.


More Info:

RELEASE DATE 2013-08-19
LABELS Kompakt