Space Fight.

My friends often bemoan the fact that I don’t really listen to music that has lyrics or is created via the use of traditional instruments.My Friends are idiots. (Hence the reason they like or fein to like me.)

I do listen to music apart from EDM, and these guys, Space Fight, have just been added to the list. Last week I was sent a few tracks of Space Fight’s debut release on Glasstone Records.

Space Fight's new EP is called Space Fight

I have to admit I was coaxed into further listening by the more electronic remixes, but ended up really liking what I had heard of the none electronic tracks. Without trying to sound to cliched they sound familiar but not in a “Heard it Before”, more in tapping your foot and trying to sing along on a first listen kind of way. I found myself trying to sing lyrics I didn’t know by just allowing phonic bursts to issue forth from my mouth. (Some of you must have done this before. Right?) It’s kind of hard not to be swept along with what I heard. It sounds upbeat but not in your face “queso style upbeat”, just upbeat. The lead singer’s voice quite nicely counterpoints this by having a bit of a melancholic tinge to it.  I haven’t heard too much of their stuff but like what I heard.

Anyway enough of what I think, check out this EP taster video and see what you think.

Here’s there Myspace where you can listen to their stuff.

Head over to Glasstone Records for a bit of a band bio. My favourite fact being the fact they also blew themselves up when they first played together.

And, if you like what you hear head over to Amazon or iTunes to pick up the EP.


Joey Godmao