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Preview: Astro Zu & Beau Young Prince – Paranoid

Some time ago, we predicted that Astro Zu was going to be making Game Of Thrones style power moves in the future. (No, not murdering people at weddings.) It would seem that the future is now. Which as this the future of the past, it sort of makes sense. Albeit not really in the present […]

Preview: Astro Zu – Lonesome

In the mid 90s the government found out Stargates weren’t just shit movies and sent a team of elite soldier armed with R ‘n B to see what the fuck was up. Astro Zu is what came back through the portal. Yet more down tempo electronica marvelousness from Astro Zu and Bad Life.   https://soundcloud.com/astrozu/sets/astro-zu-lonesome

Round up: Bad Life Records

  Bad Life seem to be releasing stuff like a bank robber that’s just seen Mike Tyson turn up dressed as a copper. Or, to it more plainly, they have been putting out a hell of a lot of great music in a short space of time. So we decided to do a short round […]