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Preview: autokratz – Machina

The Bad Life Records bosses autokratz perfectly encapsulate what makes their record label so worthwhile in their next (Out January 2015) release ‘Machina’. Taking in a wide range of influences, putting their unique spin on a genre but all the while making tracks that demand to be danced to. The reverb and disconcerting synth give the track […]

Free Music: David AKZ (Autokratz) May MIX

Hello Hello internet. First off, apologies for the slightly spartan amount of updates recently. Things got a bit hectic over at DRM Towers, however, we are back to full force now.   David AKZ is one half of the highly aclaimed Autokratz, one of the Bad Life Records bosses, solo beatsmith and all round top […]

Preview: Attaque – When Light Falls

You can now preview Attaque’s debut album Light Falls.   It’s stupidly good. I know I’ve written a lot about Attaque, to the extent that I’ve been asked if he pays me, he doesn’t. (If you would like to I would gladly accept free money or booze.) Attaque is emblematic of everything going on at Bad Life Records […]