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Videodrome: Jamie xx Boiler Room London x Young Turks DJ Set

The Jamie XX Boiler Room set that everyone is losing their shit about.   Boiler Room: “A homage to London, this one’s an honorary whip through the nostalgic touchstones of UK club music, dashed also with some new material.” That just about sums it up.   http://youtu.be/HV-nNEXgsOk

Videodrome: Vatican Shadow Boiler Room

Check out Vatican Shadow‘s Boiler Room set:   http://youtu.be/v39DQbJBWKQ   If you like yo’ shit dark get involved.

We know what we’re doing on Friday…

Back in August, as regular readers will know, we reviewed Kompakt Records 20 Jahre Kompakt Kollektion 2. (If you’re not a regular reader you should really become one. However, we accept irregular reader just as readily. We think you’re beautiful just the way you are. Back to the music.) As you can see from the review […]