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Our favourite Podcasts

Yo Yo Yo.   Hope everyone is having a lovely mid-week. The suns seems to have returned to London. I’m not sure what we did to piss it off but it’s back for make-up sex. Anywho I hope that where ever you’re reading this you are having pleasant weather as well. Today I’m gonna give a little […]

We ask Joe and Will Ask.

That’s right. How good does the new page look? Admit it, you would give your left lung to be a bit of HTML code on this page. To kick off the new look site I thought I would do something special for you all. I know what your thinking, “You do too much for us […]

From the Frozen North (of London)

Hello internetters. For those of you from England I hope the snow and lack of future World Cups aren’t getting you down. For our brothers and sisters in foreign lands I hope the weather is treating you better. I’m still awaiting the green light to give you lovely lot some fantastic news about Dancing Robot […]