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Tenuous unfunny links…

The Phoenix Cartels are subsidaries of the major drug barons of Mexico that have crossed the border into America and made Phoenix their base of operations. This has turned Phoenix, Arizona into a drug distribution centre and the city is now the kidnapping capital of the USA. Felix Cartal is a Canadian electro musician from […]

To bring a balance to this world.

In response to the accusations that I am in the employ of the Swedish Government or at least their electronic music wing, I have decided to write about the Swede’s only natural predator. No, not the Greenfly. The Mighty Norwegian. Royksopp have done for Norway what the turkey did for Turkey, in Electronic music terms. […]

‘Gimmie Danger’

Iggy Pop and The Stooges sang the ballad ‘Gimmie Danger’ on their classic album Raw Power. We here at Dancing Robot Music are now shouting the same thing, but mainly because we want to hear more from this Mother-hugger: Danger! Okay so from one tenuous link to another, Danger hasn’t released any music especially recently, […]