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Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be

Let Yrself Be is the the second single from Jimmy Edgar’s Majenta. We’re a little bit late on this one, it’s already mashing up speakers and was released on Hot Flush Recordings last week. Apologies again but ill health has reeked havoc on our hustle.   The first track, Let Yrself Be, is a decent driving […]

New Music: Beaumont – Never Love Me

I’m not going to attempt to review this new EP from Beaumont properly. I can’t. I like it far too much. I can only really describe what it makes me think of when I listen to it, and I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop since it was sent to me. It’s like emerging […]

New Music: Scuba – The Hope and PERSONALITY

2011 pretty much belonged to a select few people and labels. Scuba was one of those people and Hot Flush was one of those labels. Scuba released The Hope earlier this week as the first single from his upcoming album PERSONALITY. The single is comprised of The Hope and non-album track Flash Addict. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_iYB0RaYhg The […]