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Coming out on Ultra Majic soon (the label of renowned beatsmith and sex pervert Jimmy Edgar) ‘Stop It‘ by Matrixxman is taken from the latest in the ‘Metaphysix‘ series. which is titled ‘METAPHYSIX: II, RHYTHM‘ apparently. Not sure if the grammar is an artistic statement or… well actually if Jimmy Edgar is involved I’m sure […]

Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be

Let Yrself Be is the the second single from Jimmy Edgar’s Majenta. We’re a little bit late on this one, it’s already mashing up speakers and was released on Hot Flush Recordings last week. Apologies again but ill health has reeked havoc on our hustle.   The first track, Let Yrself Be, is a decent driving […]

Review: Jimmy Edgar – This One’s For The Children (Hotflush Records)

Jimmy Edgar has always had a pretty funked up Electro-Funk sound and though This One’s For The Children is a bit less “funky” than his previous efforts, the funk is definitely still present. I’ve never used funk so many times in a sentence but when you listen to Jimmy Edgar  you see that it’s justified. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzhFoX8cwqo […]