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New Music: Kavinsky – ProtoVision

So it looks like Kavinsky may actually be releasing an album after the years of promises/rumours. Outrun is due out early 2013 but I will believe that when I hold it in my hands. In the meantime sate your hunger for new Kavinsky tracks with a new track from Kavinsky. ProtoVision is the lead single […]

2011: Looking like it’s going to be a good year.

Brand new music for 2011. Looks like Wich House and Techno are taking off already.

From the Frozen North (of London)

Hello internetters. For those of you from England I hope the snow and lack of future World Cups aren’t getting you down. For our brothers and sisters in foreign lands I hope the weather is treating you better. I’m still awaiting the green light to give you lovely lot some fantastic news about Dancing Robot […]