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Preview: BLOND:ISH – Wunderkammer EP

Back once again. It’s Blond:ish with a selection of slightly weird sounds on the Wunderkammer EP. Washed out, hands to the ground sounds. We like it. https://soundcloud.com/blondish/sets/blondish-wunderkammer-ep-preview   More info: residentadvisor.net/dj/blondish www.facebook.com/Blondish twitter.com/blond_ish www.facebook.com/KompaktRecords twitter.com/KOMPAKTREC

Preview: TOTAL 14 (Kompakt)

HUGE lineup for the upcoming compilation from Kompakt. Boasting so many world class  names even Germany’s World Cup Squad is jealous. (Apparently our SEO guy wants us to talk about Luis Suarez. So here goes, Luis Suarez is a football man. That good enough for your fucking SEO?)   ‘Total 14′ will be out on August 18, jammed with […]

Preview: KÖLSCH – Speicher 79

The Speicher imprint was set up to so that Kompakt could release stuff that didn’t quite fit with their core sound. In ‘Speicher 79‘ KÖLSCH steps up and hits hard.   https://soundcloud.com/kompakt/sets/kolsch-seicher-79