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New ‘Vibe To This Mix 2011’

Happy antivalentinesday, We are pleased to announce our newest and freshest mixtape is now available on our Soundcloud and limited to just 100 exclusive downloads, do not miss out on the chance to get your mits on this. 37 minutes and 37 seconds of pure friday night ‘before you head out’ vibes. Vibe To This […]

A ‘lil bit of love for the Boys Noize Records boys: Shadow Dancer, Das Glow and Strip Steve.

Right before anybody starts emailing me about, so and so not being signed to Boys Noise Records… all of them have just released stuff on BNR or BNR Trax. Sorry sometimes you have ┬áthe misinformed pedants early. Right so the other week I put up an sample of, the then upcoming, ‘Calcium’ by Das Glow […]

Merry January. Here is some new music from Dada Life as a present.

A wonderful new mixtape from the Dada Life boys featuring the new AutoKratz single.