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Free Music: Sei A DJ Mix Aug 14

Welcome back Sei A. I don’t know if you’ve been hiding but thanks for coming back with a bruising new House and Techno mix.   https://soundcloud.com/sei-a/sei-a-dj-mix-aug-15

Preview: Attaque – Only You

Not quite content with making some quite abrasive (in a good way, you know, like your mum does) and quite great techno over the last couple of years, Attaque has only gone and made some really quite masterful electronica.   It’s a major departure from the thumping sounds he became known for. This undulating, twisting morass of expertly worked vocals, complex programing and […]

Videodrome: SomaTV #07: Perc

Do you like Techno? We assume you do or we assume you have got lost on the internet. Don’t worry, if you have. This video also has sweaty men dancing erratically. We would ask if you like sweaty men dancing but we’re not sure we want to know. Check out this edition of ‘Soma TV’ […]