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Free Music: The Magician – Magic Tape 44

Like clockwork, well I’m not sure but it seems pretty regular, The Magician is back with another venerable Magic Tape. Inventively know as 44. So enjoy loads of free dance music and trying to work out what each song is. As there is no track listing yet again.     https://soundcloud.com/themagician/magic-tape-44

Free Music: The Magician – Magic Tape 25

The every reliable The Magician is back with another one of his famous tracklistless mixes. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Magic Tape 25.  

We’re back! Have a free mix from The Magician

Hello Hello.   Terribly sorry for the down time. Due to ill health I (Joey) had to take some time off. Hopefully my body has grown tired of trying to kill me so I can get back on the grind.   As a present from us,  well from The Magician really, check out Magic Tape 23 2012.  […]