Videodrome: Dems – Never Have Never Will

We’ve been yammering on about Dems for years now; always putting their small catalogue of tracks on at gatherings and telling people to watch out for them. With good reason, their music is incredible. They could be terrible people but we’d forgive them Ezra Pound style because they make beautiful brittle celestial music that is reminiscent of the chill out room in Valhalla.

So we are probably more excited than they are about releasing their debut album. ‘Muscle Memory‘. You can pre-order here, it  shall unleashed on the 14th of August.


Until then you will have to sate yourself on the rather magnificent ‘Never Have Never Will’ and a live show at Cargo.


We’re frothing at the pants. (Yes, that is rather vulgar but we think you should allow us this due to the mention of early 20th century Modernist poetry.)


He’s all bendy and that.